Many of us want a smooth, flawless, hair free skin, but are not enthusiastic about procedures like chemical peels, dermabrasion or lasers. Dermaplaning is your answer. Dermaplaning is a very safe and simple manual procedure that exfoliates epidermis and gets rid of the fine vellus hair (also called peach fuzz) making the skin smooth and brighter. This technique has been there for ages but with the advent of much more advanced technologies, most of us have forgotten about it.

The side effects are negligible with Dermaplaning as the blade just glide overs the skin and does not break it because your aesthetician uses light, feathering strokes over the skin. It can be done just as a single procedure or sometimes can be combined with peels/lasers to get better results. One can safely repeat the procedure after a month.

The best about Dermaplaning is yet to come!! It is one procedure that’s exceptionally safe even for pregnant or nursing women, individuals suffering from conditions like rosacea/sensitive skin can very easily utilize this procedure without any side effects.

You are just 3 steps away from getting that smooth glowing flawless skin – An experienced aesthetic practitioner who can gently glide a surgical steel blade to exfoliate your dead skin and remove peach fuzz

Go through the many youtube videos on Dermaplaning and you’ ll just fall in love with the procedure!


Milady’s Standard Esthetics: Advanced, By Milady

Lexli Skin Care for Professionals, By Md Facs

100 Questions & Answers about Plastic Surgery, By Diane Gerber, Marie Czenko Kuechel


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